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  • STARS. Why Comunity Base Tourism

    STARS. Why Comunity Base Tourism

    The boat arrives to Savo island, local fisherman help us to push the boat ashore. There is a group of nervous kids waiting for us at the village, they pretend to be hide at bushes, disguised with leaves and arm ... Read More »
  • WISh to Act!

    WISh to Act!

    Having an opportunity to represent all youngsters from Indonesia in an international even was something that I dreamed but I had no clue someday it would come true. From 10th – 20th March 2014 I joined a project conducted by ... Read More »
  • The Essence of EVS

    The Essence of EVS

    EVS is probably the best way to travel around Europe and be productive at the same time. You are going to a country for an extended period of time, ranging from one month to a year. There you will take ... Read More »
  • Tenerife from Maltese point of view

    Tenerife from Maltese point of view

    Tenerife looks like combination of Ireland and sunny Malta, where you can enjoy the nature and swim in the sea. People in Tenerife are very kind and helpful, however they do not speak English so you need to prepare for ... Read More »
  • In short…

    In short…

    What has been for me my EVS experience? Well, in short, one of the best experiences of my life… Before I go to Palermo I thought that EVS would be a kind of Erasmus-language course: the fact of working only ... Read More »
  • How my own wish comes true

    How my own wish comes true

    After receiving confirmation of becoming a partner on the WISh Project, the National Youth Council of Saint Lucia made me the Project Coordinator. I must admit I sat down and put together a list of priority areas that would need ... Read More »


    The sixth edition of European Youth Week (EYW2013) was celebrated across Europe during the week of 26 May – 2 June 2013.  EYW2013  consist of a broad range of events and activities that are  organised in all 33 countries participating ... Read More »


  • More than a Multiplier!

    According with EVS goals, volunteers had a task (between many others) of preparing two Multiplier Courses, which were one of the most important tasks of the programme, since it would help on amplifying the amount of people involved on this ... Read More »
  • Bodyboard experience!

    Bodyboard experience!

  • Met Puapuma Village

    Met Puapuma Village

    A community hidden in a corner of Isabel Province, which show me the true beauty of the way of life of this Islands … Welcome to Puapuma Kindy Village. Almost without realizing it, we were going into that village and ... Read More »
  • A welcome culture

    A welcome culture

  • Learn to learn

    Learn to learn

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