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Top Facts About Sugar Gliders That People Must Know About Them as Pets in The Modern World
It is interesting how, unlike a few years ago, people across the modern business world put so much time, energy and focus in loving and attending to animals, both domestic and wild ones which explains why pets are increasingly growing from the regular cats and dogs to many other types of domesticable wild options as well. It is for such reasons that sugar gliders are now on top of the list when talking about the popular types of pets todays which makes it crucial for animal lovers planning to keep them as pets to ensure that they are aware of every vital aspects about the tiny animals that may affect their relationship with them in the long run. Just like human beings, it is essential to begin with their name which is Petaurus breviceps in Latin and it interestingly means short headed rope dancers in English.

People that love their pets look forward to having them by their side for a long time which unfortunately is so hard with the common pet types in the modern world but the case with sugar gliders is different as they have among the longest time span in history of as long as 10 to 15 years. 10 to 15 years is a long time and anyone that owns a sugar glider does not just have the most time with them but also has the best chances of detaching and letting go in advance before their death approaches and they pass on if natural in the long run.

One interesting fact about the body size of sugar gliders is that half of their bodies is made up of the tail that acts a rudder during gliding and they are usually between eleven and twelve inches long. The weight is another crucial aspect to understand when talking about sugar gliders and they weight about four or five and a half ounces which translates to between 100 and 160g.

As for the origin, these animals’ native home is the Eastern part of Australia together with other places such as parts of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Tasmania and many other surrounding islands. These animals interestingly do not like touch the ground which explains why they do not just love the rain forests but also make their homes in tree hollows and love gliding happily from one tree to another.

Other vital aspects to know about sugar gliders include their diet and health, body structure and anatomy, temperature and behavior among many others.

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