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What Are The Different Types Of Welding Services To Cater To Your Needs

Know that the only time welding services are necessary is when there are metal items to be repaired with. There is a wide variety of welding techniques used that go in accordance to your needs. To know more about it, we will list down below some of the things that you have to know regarding the different types of welding services/techniques.

Among the many welding services or techniques present today is arc welding. There are different ways on how the said technique can be performed, but the bottom line is that it is using a power supply that generates electrical arc which melts the metal at certain point. We have listed down below some of the different methods of performing arc welding.

One of the methods of performing arc welding is through SMAW or Shielded metal arc. When we say shielded metal arc, we are referring to one of the most standard and commonly used arc welding processes, and they are designed primarily for aluminum, iron, copper alloys, steel, and also, nickel. Shielded metal arc was also historically used in industrial fabrication, and also, in constructing steel structure, yet, today, it is a method that is primarily used in repair and maintenance fields.

The next arc welding method that we want you to know of is the GMAW or Gas metal arc. Experts say that gas metal arc is the main method used for industrial welding as it is flexible, quick, and can adapt easily to robotic automation. Since gas metal arc has gas, most of the time, performing it is done inside, or away from areas where the air is volatile.

Another one would be gas tungsten arc, a method that is virtually used in any type of metal, but is mostly observed to be used on the light ones like the stainless steel. There are several common applications of this method and it involves aircraft, naval equipment, and also, bicycles.

The final arc welding method that we have is the submerged arc, and this process is known for having the arc struck under a covering layer of flux, protecting the surface from contaminants.

Anther type of welding technique that we want you to know of is gas welding. Gas welding is known for being one of the oldest and most flexible welding services that we have today, yet, even if that is the case, they are being used less often now for industrial applications. Today, we want you to know that gas welding is primarily used for repair work like repairing pipes as well as tubes. As for the materials that are used in this method, they are simple to use and generally inexpensive.

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