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Youth for Elderly – My perfect EVS project

Youth for Elderly – My perfect EVS project

If I could join an EVS program I would chose to join a program dealing with the elderly. It is the first thing which came to my mind after the Spanish team asked the question.

Basically, I am ready to join every EVS program, but serving the elderly seems interesting and enriching my experience more. I have a grandma and she is sick now, I don’t look after her very often, but every time I have free time I visit her. We just talk and share. And sometime I help her during her physiotherapy, because she has got strake so half of her body is paralyzed.

Based on my experience all the elderly need is attention. They don’t need fancy retirement houses, well-trained nurse or number one medicine. The affection from others, especially from the youngsters when the youngster spend their time more with them then they will not feel abandoned. I see many elderly are just sent to the retirement houses and their children simply hand over their parents to the nurses for various reasons.

I want to be in the part which I can simply bring them laughter and smile through some activities like dancing night, old-city-tour, picnic with the scouts, workshop (where they can give workshop according to their previous person occupation). So that they won’t be old, feeling abandoned and doing nothing. Because I believe when someone stops doing something it is his/her dead time. The idea is not making them working, but to facilitate them doing activities to make them happier. And it can be anywhere all around the world.




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