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What did you inspired to become a volunteer?

What did you inspired to become a volunteer?

This is one of the first questions we ask from volunteers. Today I want you to know the cases of two European volunteers: Helena (which also comes with Isla Creactiva from Tenerife) and Pedro, from Portugal, and maybe you can see how we are ordinary people, like you, and are encouraged you to try this experience ;)

- What was the main reason you decided to volunteer?

HELENA: The personal enrichment that I think an experience of this calibre can make.

PETER: I was looking for a new experience totally different from what I had done.


- Do you think your EVS will have a positive impact on their future job search?

HELENA: quite sure yes. First, because to write on your resume that you speak another language is quite important, and I think that an entrepreneur can appreciate the thought that you has gone out, your poise, independence, initiative …

PETER: Of course, apart from that, as Helena said, to defend in another language is a plus, this experience has made me lose the fear to move out of my country and has motivated me to continue travelling and trying to find work outside of Portugal.


- Do you know someone who EVS experience has helped directly in his job search?

HELENA: Yes, a friend from Madrid who made his volunteer teaching literacy, when he returned to Spain she found a jod as social educator as a result of their experiences reflected in her curriculum.

PETER: Yes, especially our roommate Sasha, who after doing their EVS she wrote her own project and she has now received three job offers from several associations.


- What about the option of writing your own project?

HELENA: I’m attracted to but I’m not ready.

PETER: I’m also attracted though perhaps for later, now I would like to travel the world and continue learning and growing as a person.


- How has your project search?

HELENA: I introduced myself as a volunteer at Island Shake project for which Sicily select the project within the first 3, I came into this project not from Isla Creactiva but I was informed that there was a place in Sicily for another project and needed urgently a volunteer, I ran and grabbed me. Now I am very happy that this project is much more like my professional profile, delighted me participate in the development and education of children who have very special and complicated lives. (Helena EVS makes its Cuore Apriti association and works on a floor where live children whose parents have lost custody)

PETER: Actually it was a little chance, I had done and I wanted Erasmus European experience, I inquired and found the European voluntary, already knew some who had done and they recommended that I should go to my shipping association . There I learned that they were looking for volunteers to work in Informa Giovani, I ran and grabbed me. (Peter, like me, help with administrative tasks Informa Giovani but for two English courses for children in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Palermo and a reform school for teens)


- Why do you think Apriti Cuore and Information Giovani selected them?

HELENA: As social educator and for having a good interview, I mean for saying he knew the project, to show that I had bothered to read it to me, saying that I was excited about working with children …

PETER: Well, I think it was because I had very good English and this was my project requirement.


- The European Voluntary Service is known in their countries?

HELENA: Not much, unfortunately Canarias in Spain and there is a complete misinformation about EVS. I think it should be promoted more.

PEDRO: In Portugal it is not well known.



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