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WISh to Act!

WISh to Act!

Having an opportunity to represent all youngsters from Indonesia in an international even was something that I dreamed but I had no clue someday it would come true.

wish participants

From 10th – 20th March 2014 I joined a project conducted by Scouts and Isla Creativa in Tenerife, Canary Islands participated by 6 islands: Tenerife, Iceland, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Malta and St. Lucia. We shared a lot of information about youth from our islands and specifically for non-European Countries we had an opportunity to do study visit to some NGOs and University of La Laguna. Overall it was an inspiring event just like we were given a key to open a door leads to the bright sun.


Beside that one important thing that is needed for each of us is links. Through this project we were introduced to many links which benefit us a lot in developing our own projects. Especially for my organization which works with youth. I learned that there are chances to get better life through various ways and of them is by volunteering. I do hope that through this project there will be more initiatives to empower the unfortunate youth to give them a glimpse that they can be more through non formal education.


I dream that the less opportunities youngsters who have motivation to serve others with their specific skills can help the unfortunate ones. Then there will be a sustainable network from youth to youth. And from this sustainable network, the youth themselves will reduce the discrimination, the unemployment rate, the gap between old and young, the environmental problem and many more.


I can dream it because during the training and the study visit I was given clear situation from other participants and also Federation of Scouts about what’s happening now and the way they’re trying to overcome it. We all sit together in a not-boring training, talked, shared, and motivated each other. For me that is a new experience to have that kind of training.

But among various activities that we did, I will never forget three of them.


The first is Mount Tiede and Observatory Visit. Words are not enough to describe what I felt. It was something that only soul and heart could understand. Surrounded by majestic mountain and pinkish sky I felt much and more blessed especially the snow. We don’t have snow in Indonesia and it was the very first time my fingertips finally touched the beauty of the cold. Then it was getting more amusing when we peeked to see the nebula. Awesome.


The second one is the short visits around the city. I always love old cities and their buildings. When we were walking along the street I like to touch the stones, the walls. Some years or hundred years ago there was something happening there and now I touched them. If they could tell the stories, what would they told me?


And the last one but not least is the office of Isla Creativa. We had been shown many important places around Tenerife but we still didn’t have any clear vision where was the office of Isla Creativa. All I had in mind was a small building with some computers, sofa, just like the ordinary office. But it was really, I don’t know how to say it but let me try… it was a shocking moment knowing that Isla Creativa was in the top room of a comic store! Come on it is impossible that an NGO which in collaboration with scouts hosts us worldwide shares the room of a comic sore. But yes, it once proves that ideas, initiatives, wishes, dreams born everywhere. No need of a fancy office to make them possible. All we need is to communicate them with our friends then to be committed in making them real. This is the lesson learned from Isla Creativa which I’m going to share it with my friends in Laskar Iklim (Climate Warrior) because now we have no office.


Now I’m making another wish… that what we have done in Tenerife can be a real bridge to every youngsters around the world to get connected, to get better life. We care, we share, we act!




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