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When the going gets rough…. “DOG  FACE”*!!

When the going gets rough…. “DOG FACE”*!!

(*Dog Face- Cara de perro is a Spanish expression that means: clenching teeth to face difficulties!)

They belong to the famous “Lost Generation”, despite all their initiative, their great work style and commitment starts to bear fruit, Dani, Enrique and Jose (28-30 years) have put “Dog Face”  to tackle these times!

Tell me about your job, and your job structure.

We start from two companies, Creatika Studio dedicated to web design and Perruncho Studio, specializing in audiovisual content creation, from illustration to animation. We partner because we shared the same philosophy, we used mutually need us and our goals were the same: Each project is unique and has some special requirements. We were interested in performing contract work and secondly to develop our own projects.

The team is set according to the needs of each project, so we have been working with many professionals and created a network throughout the Spanish geography. This is a multidisciplinary team-oriented world of creativity and new technologies.

Being small identities that are connected, allows us to ensure on one side a result that is a personalized job and on the other side the optimum result. Also from an organizational standpoint and economically, this structure allows us to be flexible. Every small business is able to survive working independently, through a union can face bigger challenges. We act as a link, coordinate and carry out the job in which we specialize.

How long has your idea born? And how was he born?

It has been a long process in which each separately arrived at the same conclusion after having had many experiences, so there is no specific date, we could speak of two years or eight and not be lying at all.

The idea was born of necessity. Need to find related professionals with which to develop joint projects, independence and freedom, and move to relate well to survive, which in the end is the best source of inspiration.

What characteristics make you different?

It is difficult to talk about ourselves and it´s impossible to know how it works the other companies, but we believe that our strength is that we involve the customer in the product creation process, being aware of the job´s progress at any time, participating in making decision while is being advising.

On the results of our work we believe that it is best that each visit our website, we ask directly and decide.       

And about your job day after day?

Each one works independently. Whenever we need to make decisions or coordinate us, we met, either through internet, which is the most common, or in person, which is important especially for the customer relationship.

 ”If life gives you lemons… make lemonade”???

We prefer to think that: “In difficult times …. “dog´s face”. The situation is desperate in many ways and it can´t be ignored. You have to grit your teeth and at least work on what you want on the way that you think it should be. There are many disappointments along the way, setbacks and no guarantees that you will be okay, but we believe that just because it’s worth a try and if there is a way of doing things is one in which one believes.

So, these youth are not trying to change …. they are really changing the world, dedicate their time to what they like, though the way be rough and difficult…  they do not falter, do not let themselves be overcome by the jumble of these times and bring optimism and enthusiasm in each one of its projects and also to the people with whom they share their day to day!

Cheer up guys!! …. DOG FACE! And thank you for your time!



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