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What’s about… EVS in St. Lucia?

What’s about… EVS in St. Lucia?

The programs of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council varies according to the community in which it is being held. Also engagement depends on the interests of volunteer.

With that said one can expect projects on youth development through sport, developing social character and tolerance of marginalized/minority  groups such as LBGT community. As well as people of different economic status to work with kids through educational programs and students at arts and cultural development projects.

We also engage in environmental activities, through clean up, tree planting exercises on landslide prone areas as well as  preservation of race and national animals, birds, creatures etc. There are also workshops and courses on human resource, development through capacity building, debates, advocacy, youth governance and other fields that can contribute to national awareness and economy sustaining. We also engage in charitable causes, helping the less fortunate through scholarships, giving of school supplies, food baskets to families, housing of families etc.

There are also after school programs with extra curricula activities, for children to help them with their assignments, writing skills, introducing to computer literacy etc.

There are much more, but this is just a synopsis on a few things that future EVS volunteers can expect in our organization. 




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