Monday , 20 May 2019
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What are benefits of WISh ?

What are benefits of WISh ?

- It has already provided us with a link to European countries for collaboration on future projects.

- Has given us insights into world standards through the demands of the European Commission.

- Cultural exchanges that allows for better appreciation of our foreign counterparts, through anti-discrimination etc.

- New approaches in present similar activities as well as programs.

- The benefits of youthpass, though voluntary service in Europe that can also be adapted to suit our region/country

- It will reduce the fears attached with sending volunteers to Europe based on previous failed attempts due to fraudulent/fake organizations we have experienced before

- Youth back home will see that as a great opportunity to give more of their time volunteering knowing that won’t just be confident

- As a leader back to my region spreading the news of such a great project will enable the government leaders to invest more seeing that we are aware of the opportunities the youth in Europe are provided with, they will want to raise their current standards to make us more prepared to collaborate with the more developed world.




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