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Welcome to the origin

Welcome to the origin

Welcome to the other side of the world, the other side of the coin. Welcome to a place where umbrellas protect you from the sun. Welcome to chaos, the wild and primitive, the simplest and necessary. Welcome to the origin.

015See how come together on the same line green forest and the blue sea, or contemplate at the night sky thanks to low light and realize that beats any 5 stars hotel. Leaving behind the big shopping malls, go buy fruit and vegetables to the market and experiencing an explosion of colors, scents and sounds when you cross that imaginary door. Try new fruits each day, enjoy a papaya or pineapple and discover that the coconut has multiple variants and applications. View bettelnut as an essential part of the local diet, fruit of happiness that, mixed with the magic of coral, tints the streets to red. Savor a vanilla ice cream as the greatest of gifts or eat “fish and chips” for 20 dollars on the road.

SONY DSCThe boat will become the most important means of transport. Traveling in a van unlimited places, to drive without a seat belt or jump on a bus seats 12 in which, instead of a bell and a screen, there is a young man who is singing stops. Go down the main avenue of the city climbed on the back of a van, feeling the speed. Cross the street looking for the right time because there are no traffic lights or crosswalks. Walking barefoot on the same street or around the house. Discovering that you can enter sandals to a nightclub and almost anywhere, there is room for all, that the right of admission isn’t supported.

078 (2)Feel the sway of a hammock at sunset. Take a shower without turning on the heater. Bathe in mosquito repellent after each shower. Check that you can live “offline” and that in the world there are more important and necessary ways to connect. You needn’t clocks because you always arrive early or, rather, it’s never late. Realizing that the washing machine, television or iron, are dispensable objects. Begin to hang clothes in the sun and dry before you finish hanging the last piece. Turn on a fan in any place and time, the sound of the blades in any room. Go to the river to wash the car, the dishes or laundry. Do laundry by hand and remember your mother or your grandmother, how they did it once. Light the stove with a match or make a fire to grill some fish under moonlight shadow.

074Fathers and sons selling newspaper every morning in the same place, and mothers and daughters who rise before the sun to make homemade donuts and earn a few dollars. Back to see children playing in the street until night falls and enjoy their smiles when you greet them. Every morning, going to work, everyone will greet you and give you the good morning. Back to the origin, essentially what we often forget.

Listen to the same songs as before, but flavored reggae. Go through the school and hear the voices singing in class, in perfect unison, like the whitest of a gospel choir version. Being the whitest when you’ve always been the blackest in the group. Discover that there are many shades of black or see that it’s possible to be black and blond at a time.

086Be a special guest at any family party, child who is one year old or Grandma’s 77. Live it as if it were a ceremony in which every movement, speech, appreciation, has its order and its way. Realize, once again, that the concept of family is very important to them, and celebrating this year as a gift, not only for the host, but for everyone, thanking the time it takes. Feel like one of the family and discover that here you can also have a sister or a cousin, and that inevitably remind you of yours. Check that the smallest family is much bigger than yours. Things are best enjoyed when you share with those who sit at the table or with those in another ocean. You eat breakfast while they are dining.

Check once again, that the difference is wealth. There are things without price and to live them is a fortune. That there are places with identity and that people give meaning to those places. That of the good and the less good, you can always get the best. Recheck the small details that make a big difference. Back to the origin. That’s just Honiara. Simply Solomon Islands.



About Jose

A passport that adds something more than just a label, a new adventure. A backpack that every time arrives fuller of experiences and learning. With eyes open as coconuts to dive and feed on new realities and, of course, always ready to expect the unexpected. ................................................................................................................................................................. Un pasaporte que suma algo más que un simple sello, una nueva aventura. Una mochila que cada vez regresa más llena de experiencias y aprendizaje. Con los ojos abiertos como cocos para sumergirme y alimentarme de nuevas realidades y, por supuesto, siempre preparado para esperar lo inesperado.

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