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Water Square

Water resource is an element that is currently a decisive and hierarchical factor when talking about methods and techniques of sustainability. The extractions of resources marine as fish and seafood depend directly of the optimal quality of the water in oceans, rivers, lakes, between others. In some cases, the water that is used for watering them crops must pass by filters or treatments that allow mature fruits and vegetable avoiding that can be altered by certain infections or in some cases by metals heavy (in the case of the North of Chile). Our body it comprises around 70% water by what our intake of this valuable element, which varies between 2 liters approximately, it must be daily and constant.

Water, or rather, the ocean is a resource, as understand many cultures and cities, must be used beyond an element that forms a “habitat for the extraction and production of food”, but it can help in the development of socialization skills and aspects of playful-recreational character. To be in contact with water, not only our body benefits in terms of health and physical well-being as for example improvements in cardiovascular and flexibility, speeds up the process of rehabilitation on injuries, increase in physical resistance, among others, but also can be transformed in an element or playful object, and this is due to their non-existent morphology.

In many cases, the water as an element to generate collective and recreational activities is complemented with other structures or their own environment. This is the case of Câmara de Lobos, a town which has direct relationship with the Atlantic Ocean, where its own geomorphology, which is rugged, formed a Bay which enters the community and set a natural amphitheatre that is wrapped by a port and maritime context.

A jetty used to walk and jump into the sea, children play running between cars and boats, and some swim around the Bay on a table or doing kayaking. If you want to start a brief talk, fishermen stairs can help contribute to this activity. It appears in a place where there are no spaces no slope to make squares or platforms for socialization and leisure as an ocean water resource and its geographical condition that gives form to Lions Bay of camera, in where the same space that maintains an omnipresence in the city brings together citizens making everyday life explicit and shared between different ranges age while maintaining active the social feature of the community.

In this way, the community of Câmara de Lobos as a town that has a link to the resource of water more than an exclusive area for fishermen and yacht clubs, they manage to extend this vision with goals seeking reinforcement and the sustainability of human development in the socialization and community from the playful tools and leisure managing to put in discussion the debate over whether to socialize or develop games it is necessary to have a firm and rigid platform to perform them.








About Bairon

Me gusta el viaje y su ritual, caminar desde el lugar mas urbanizado hasta ese donde la electricidad no va muy bien, pienso que soy una persona que le gusta observar mi entorno , sin embargo muchas veces por tener la mirada en el aire me tropiezo o choco con alguien. me considero un amante de los espacios públicos y todo lo que en ellas suceden; de la buena platica y la buena comida sin duda. Alguien inquieto de cuerpo y mente. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like the travel and its ritual, walking from the place more urbanized until that where the electricity not goes very well, think that am a person that you like observe my environment, however many times by have it look in the air I stumble or choco with someone. I think a lover of them spaces public and all that in them happen; good talk and good food without a doubt. Someone restless body and mind.

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