Friday , 22 February 2019
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Will I back to Iceland after my EVS?

Will I back to Iceland after my EVS?

I really don’t know. Honestly, right now, I don’t think it.

Since two years I lived in Barcelona. I consider myself a person wanting to try their luck in other countries, in other cities. But in the end I also believe that my place is this, at “home”.

Now, I have to define what my concept of “home”. I consider my home to the Canary Islands, particularly La Palma, which is where my family is, and Tenerife, which is where I try to earn a living, where I have friends, boyfriend, other family, etc. Many people I love.

This article seeks to answer the question of whether young canaries leave our islands because we feel “forced” to seek opportunities elsewhere or just want new experiences.

Then, in response to that question, I think that young people who come from the smaller islands (La Palma in my case), of course we have to leave our houses very young. Mainly to study what we want, what we like. Small islands do not have a wide range of training offer…

Obviously, there is a great adventurous spirit in many of us. Most of us love to travel, see places, cultures, new people, try their luck. But we also know that in the current situation, most of our friends that left Spain to work, do that because here they don’t found job.

Deciding to take the risk and go away is very difficult, is to leave many things behind. It may do well, or maybe not. And elsewhere in the world are not the people you need in your life when the road twists.

The world is constantly changing, migratory movements are central to the functioning of society and try your luck by going to live in another country must be an amazing life experience. But I think that’s not my case. I will go to Iceland to offer all I can give, to do my EVS with all my motivation. But right now my place is in Canary Islands and I think I will go back and carry on.
PS: If I get a job in London or Los Angeles in the film industry, of course I’m going!



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Definirme es complicado, al menos para mí. Soy una pequeña palmera con muchas, muchas ganas de aprender. De vivir todo lo nuevo que se me ponga por delante, y de disfrutar mucho de la experiencia SVE en Islandia. Vamos!

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