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Bring something!


Close to the end of the program, I am thankful for myself and all the people who are helping me to run the program smoothly and successful. This five months experience is unbelievable, so many things are amazing, new friends, mentors, and inspirations  just popping out day by day. Looked back to my personal journal, review and flash back through ... Read More »

Future Volunteer


After a long way journey to be in Tenerife then almost spending five months in this magical islands is unbelievable until I realize my EVS will be finished soon. In fact, being a volunteer for STARS project is life changing for me. The first step I left my home, I knew the adventure is out there and wait to be discovered! ... Read More »

STARS makes perfect


Stars, some things that shine in the night so beautiful and can take out your fears. That is the exactly stars are, but here I have one stars that coming up to my life who also shining. STARS project just showing up in the beginning of this year,  I still remember because was not sure at the day I am ... Read More »

The Peak y El Pico


The project was teaching me not only knowing the nature and landscape, but also has put me into the process of personal development through the hike. The pictures and videos that I have been collecting is becoming a part of the memory in the learning process. I have heard about one quote which says “You can discover your self while ... Read More »

Not only a tourist


Now days people way more easier to travel compare on 19th century, traveling abroad is becoming essential in the modern lifestyle. For example many travel agents in Asia promote cheap price to explore Europe in twenty days also many backpackers from Europe travel for several months to explore Asia, Latin America or Africa. Within this condition, I came out with simple ... Read More »

Español is here!


A part of my goals in Tenerife is improving my language skills, learning Spanish is needed. The book that I brought from Indonesia becoming my companion to assist my language,  listening music, took the course and practice my speaking with friends is helpful. I could say Spanish is complicated, because comparing to my native (Indonesian Language) is way more simple. ... Read More »

Rabo de Gato


One day, I was invited by local organization called Desaplatanate to participate a community hike also cleaning/cutting of one specific plant called of Rabo De Gato or Achyranthes aspera L.. The reason we were took them out because they are an invasive plantation. Actually I never knew about this plantation can be an issue for environment until I came to Tenerife. ... Read More »



Every  Thursday I am attending a class of Tourism students of Universidad de La Laguna focus on hiking and development. I learnt not only the methodology of tourism development but also had experience to see how tourism connected with economic, environment, and culture. One of the subject that he has been shared with the student was the numbers of tourist ... Read More »

Letter to future EVS volunteer to the Canary Islands


Dear future EVS volunteer(s) to the Canary Islands, As I write this in my final week here, I struggle to remember all the necessary things I should tell you in advance. You might be, at this very moment, thinking of volunteering or maybe the thought has not crossed your mind yet. But if you decide eventually to volunteer in the ... Read More »

What next?


When I was in boarding school on an island two hours by outboard motor from my hometown and family, one phrase used to pop up every now and again. “Opportunity is like a bald-headed man with one hair”.  As funny as it sounds, it is true. Once lost, is lost forever. Off course, there are other opportunities out there. But ... Read More »

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