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(Español) La Senda| El acto del paseo como develador del entorno


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opportunities that arise after the EVS


Take the opportunity of make an EVS can be not only an integral experience  in where your cotidian atmosphere cultural changes radically, if not that also is a tool that articulates between your studies or the output prior to this, along with platforms labor that you offer a scope to what, perhaps could call, a future work. From a personal ... Read More »

(Español) Recomendaciones “solo para viajar”

foto post

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The most valuable experiences while volunteering

———————————– In this time of volunteering my life has been bombarded with surprises. So far mostly pleasant, those surprises that invite to expand the will to believe and create spaces where we can be in harmony with the environment. This harmony over the last time has been determined by bringing me to know biodiversity, a pending issue that, like many ... Read More »

(Español) Turismo y Comunidad


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The Curious Case of traditions


The contextual and cultural situation on the island is currently, from a perspective that addresses the background that make up its own idiosyncrasies and my discipline, in a process of gradual deterioration. Madeira Island for Europe has been classified as a destination since the concept “Sun and sea”, where all the activities that take place in this geographical fragment relate ... Read More »

Aspects of personal development

los reyes

To develop a volunteer from another situation contextual, first one begins, so to speak, with an introspective where, both your skills as prior knowledge enter into a process of test with the objective of being able to recognize the different personal aspects and the level of each one. From the personal perspective, my work as a volunteer has favored not ... Read More »

First impressions!

New Volunteer Spea Madeira My name is Nadine Sánchez (24), I was born in Antofagasta, Chile. Currently, I find myself doing volunteering in Spea Madeira for the project STARS (Sustainable Tourism Agents in Rural Societies), co-funded by Erasmus +. I did my BA in Psychology, North Catholic University, where I’m doing clinical care work for children and teenagers in Delta ... Read More »

Firts impressions

Funchal catedral

Usually, when one speaks with friends and people from different parts of South America and mention them Portugal, many tend to talk about its capital Lisbon or Oporto, but when the conversation starts to be more detailed, with questions such as: how are the cities of Portugal?, what will be the popular dish? Is its landscape mountainous or desert? When ... Read More »

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