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More than a Multiplier!

According with EVS goals, volunteers had a task (between many others) of preparing two Multiplier Courses, which were one of the most important tasks of the programme, since it would help on amplifying the amount of people involved on this amazing STARS project! This post is focused on the 2nd MC developed by Team Chile which worked on watching marine ... Read More »

Bodyboard experience!


One of the biggest advantages of this experience was… surviving Bodyboard classes with the chilean boys   After drinking lots and lots of sea water, I finally managed to catch some waves (with a little help, of course!)… and there are proofs!    Enjoy the memories!   Bodyboard Experience Video! Read More »

The germination grow of volunteering


How the volunteering has contributed to my personal growth? This relationship, today I can say that comes so far, but for already four months ago, it has walked with me different, filling color to the horizon that someday I drew. Be volunteer in the simplest story in which you can be an actor or actress, no matter if additional, secondary ... Read More »

My opinion on Sustainable Tourism and CBT


The first time I heard about CBT, my idea was that my work in Antofagasta would be, working with communities, since CBT means “community based tourism”. I think that this is always the first though that comes to the mind of a person that hears about it for the first time. This idea isn’t completely wrong, but there is a ... Read More »

Little Paradise


Antofagasta has its very own little special paradise. It is called Punta Rieles. With turquoise sea, white sand, sea wolfs, penguins, otters, starfishes… uff! I could spend a lot of time here, talking about all it has to offer, but nothing is better than to pay a simple visit. The village is occupied mostly by fishermen. The headleader is called ... Read More »

Chile´s Arrival Training


During the first two weeks in Antofagasta, Ana and I received – by the professor Ricci – training in Social Innovation and one introduction about the tourism in the region. Likewise, he could contextualize the Antofagasta´s culture, socioeconomic and touristic situation. In this process, we were learning things with theory but with experience too. So, we could visualize the real ... Read More »

An activity extended in the fourth dimension.


It was near the final of July, with the south hemispheric winter above us, when Ana and I enjoyed one activity which has quite improved our time in Chile. It has been a perfect complement to other special shared moments in our EVS – with the Gonzáles family, with Nadine, her family and her friends, with Bayron and his fellows, ... Read More »

“More than a tourism model”


These small affirmation is actually now my definition about CBT (Community Based Tourism).  Is our helm in this navigation, but also it has got an universal dimension which cross this local ecosystem formed by UCN – Multihelix Innovation Model, BUDEO CLUB, Communities and the entire city of Antofagasta. For us, CBT is unintentionally, a slogan with new and open message, ... Read More »

“Dances with seawolves”


  The most special moment during my EVS in Chile, has a big relationship with primitive nature, adventure, exchange of culture wealth and way of life in Lationamerica. It was an integral experience that I take with me for the rest of my life. Raúl Riquelme wait for us in Punta Rieles without time set – early in the morning ... Read More »

EVS special moment


In order to write words that are faithful to what I feel, firstly I have to ask myself… what makes a moment, special? For me, a moment becomes special when you are surrounded by a feeling of security, companionship, familiarity and, above all, you feel like you can be yourself. During my stay, I have encountered a few moments that ... Read More »

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