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STARS. Why Comunity Base Tourism


The boat arrives to Savo island, local fisherman help us to push the boat ashore. There is a group of nervous kids waiting for us at the village, they pretend to be hide at bushes, disguised with leaves and arm with stick spears. When we get closed they charge toward us, screaming and threatening, scary and laughing by equal. This ... Read More »

What I discovered in Tenerife?


The Canary Islands, specifically Tenerife have been so fully of surprises. From lovely people to historical volcanoes located above the clouds, one cannot fathom what is there for visitors, researchers and anyone new to Tenerife. Everyday comes with a new discovery,  so there goes: 1) LANGUAGE Basically Spanish, but one you start speaking you will discover that not all who ... Read More »

What do we do in Solomon Islands?


Youth council leaders and members of Solomon Islands National Youth Congress (SINYC) are currently focusing on the following activities: Youth advocacy Youth training Developing provincial youth policies and action plans Main projects of SINYC are: - Establishment of provincial youth councils, ward youth communities and village/community youth associations (Oxfam International, Save the Children, MWYCFA) - Developing provincial youth policies (Oxfam International, MWYCFA) ... Read More »

How to make Solomon Islands perfect?

There many things that need to be done to make an island like the Salomon to become PERFECT. At this stage I will divide the categories in which can start to make the Solomon Perfect. COMMUNITY LEVEL - Encourage families to be more disciplined - Form more community youth groups e.g. church youths, community youths etc. - Strengthen and revive ... Read More »

Strategies which Young People on Solomon Islands use to get a job

- Asking people they know - Newspapers Advertisements - Family members - Family creating job opportunities - Through voluntary scheme [Jessica and Teresa] Read More »

The life of a typical 20 years old Solomon Islander

As an island nation the Solomon Islands are very small and with only two university accommodating young people from all nine provinces and it can be a hassle. Now, back to the main topic – what does a typical 20 year old do? Well in the Solomon there are not many social avenues e.g. parties, cinemas etc. so most of ... Read More »

Let’s get to know participants from Solomon Islands!

My name is Teresa and my other colleague is Jessica. We came from the Solomon Island and we represent Solomon Islands National Youth Congress. We are here on an exchange program organized by Scouts in collaboration with Isla CreActiva. This exchange program is relevant because we learn about different settings and approaches that are used to tackle issues affecting the ... Read More »

From Solomon to Tenerife – tips

1. Process Visa at least a month before actual date of travel. 2. Must have insurance e.g. health insurance 3. Make personal research about Tenerife e.g. google weather, activities that will happen when you are there. 4. Pack extra WARM clothes. 5. Know/ learn at least some basic Spanish. 6. Be financially prepared e.g. better to have Euro or dollar ... Read More »

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