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A year with two Easters.

2013-05-05 00.47.12

Today ends the Cyprus Orthodox Easter, the most important holiday of the year, as Christmas is for Christians. I want to show how to live from within this Easter, so that you know of about religious customs that have been preserved here, and that give to this festivity a special charisma, intimate and familiar. In Cyprus, the Pope does not ... Read More »

Believe, want, do ….And go beyond!


The “European Project” that have taken place in this cultural center “Politistiko Ergastiri”, have expanded the horizons and minds of hundreds of children, youth and adults over the years, and this have gave life to this place. Ergastiri Politistiko opens new doors annually, and connect the culture of Cyprus with many European countries, providing fantastic opportunities to grow and learn. ... Read More »

Towards the mountains …TROODOS (Τρόοδος)

Cyprus Relief

I am one who found something special in the branches and bark, in moist soil, the folds of the land and the sounds that live there. The mountains have attracted me from childhood, and no matter if their slopes are very steep, no matter if the day is too hot, there will always be a shadow under which lie down ... Read More »

The legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus.


10.000 years of history and civilisation. HISTORIC DIVISIONS The winds of history have repeatedly ravaged this beautiful island. Cyprus has been ruled in turns by Egyptians, Phoenicians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, Franks, Venetians, Turks and the British; however, the origins of the very first signs of permanent settlements are much older in history, and date from the Neolithic age (8200-3800 ... Read More »

Πολιτιστικό Εργαστήρι-Αγίων Ομολογητών

Tradicional Dance

It reads Politistiko Ergastiri- Agion Omologiton   and means Cultural Workshop Saint Omologiton.  Saint Omologiton is the name of this historic district of Nicosia (Lefkosia / Λευκωσία) where the organization is located. The Cultural Workshop was established as a nonprofit organization in 2002, to host the Workshop of Traditional Dancing, which was initiated in 1999 and the other cultural activities which were developed ... Read More »

The North Pole … best climate in the world!

The Best Climate

A group of scientists will attempt in five years to turn the extreme polar climate into something wonderful, It aims to unseat Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  from the  top of the list! Meanwhile, Gran Canaria, is coping with La Laguna, in the struggle to be the “European Youth Capital 2016″ *.  Each one has its own theme! The first ... Read More »

When the going gets rough…. “DOG FACE”*!!


(*Dog Face- Cara de perro is a Spanish expression that means: clenching teeth to face difficulties!) They belong to the famous “Lost Generation”, despite all their initiative, their great work style and commitment starts to bear fruit, Dani, Enrique and Jose (28-30 years) have put “Dog Face”  to tackle these times! Tell me about your job, and your job structure. ... Read More »

7 Canarians… 7 Researchers… 7 Reporters…


“2 items each week, 9 items each month, 45 items in the suitcase on the way back” I am one of the seven volunteers of the “Island Shake” project (EVS)*, that will travel to seven European islands, we are not going to do an x-ray, we are going to do an MRI of the societies in which we are immersed. ... Read More »

SVE me ha puesto las pilas

El Verano pasado viajé a Tenerife, a visitar a los amigos que tengo en la isla , era final de  Agosto… Tejina estaba en fiestas y corrí el Bestialón…  tardé dos  días en recuperarme y gracias  a 3 amigas que me acogieron en su casa pude descansar y recobrar fuerzas pues no podía ni moverme.  Fue ahí, en su casita ... Read More »

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