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Volunteers around the world: Tomas

Volunteers around the world: Tomas

Olá everybody!

I introduce Tomas, a volunteer who carried out their EVS in the village of São Vicente, Madeira, and I met through contacts among other young contributors in my surrounding. Tomas was born 28 years ago in Czech Republic, and studied computer science, but his voluntary service focuses on the environmental area and aims to encourage young people and all community to the importance of protecting and conserving the environment. It is a nice guy, intelligent and respectful, with whom we have shared many good times, included visiting the island by car, hiking through the woods, and some beers on the Funchal’s night. But overall, we share the respect and love for Mother Earth. Today we ask him to talk about his EVS experience:

. Why did you choose to be volunteer Europe an EVS

- After the experience with Erasmus in Spain, one year EVS in Portugal looks like a great opportunity to further learn about other cultures, traditions and language. I also wanted to improve my English and help / do something for nature.

. Do you think the EVS will / has had a positive impact on your job search?

- Because the field of my study is different that the area of my EVS project, so I don’t think can improve my professional knowledge, but it has a positive impact on my other language and stay abroad is in itself a plus.

. Do you know someone who’s SVE experience have been useful?

- All ex-volunteer whose I met on pre-departure training told me that they EVS have been useful. Some had found a partner for life, while others have gained valuable work experience

. How was your search of EVS project?

- I was searching for country of south Europe or english-speaking countries and I wanted doing project of environmental area, so I was looking for in database of EVS projects to find what i wanted.

. Why do you think your organization selected you precisely?

- I think because I was honest in cover letter about my motivation. I described what is my relation to nature, what the nature means for me, experience with a stay abroad and foreign language.

.Finally, is the EVS known or popular in your country?

- I don’t think so. No one of my friends didn’t know nothing about EVS before my application. I had to explain what is EVS and all about this.

Thank you, Tomas! Até Ja



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