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Volunteers around the world: Sofía

Volunteers around the world: Sofía

Dear sailors,

Today I want to introduce Sofia. A young ex-volunteer of 26 years who, like me, made his collaborative project for Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves in Portugal. We met thanks to the Internet and social networks, because she read an article in the newsletter of SPEA in which welcomed me to the association. She searched me by Facebook, and so we did friends. His adventurer profile and his career until be voluntary seemed so interesting so, this week my Island Shake’s story is dedicated to her.

When I ask him to explain a little of their way to be voluntary, says: “I was born in Teruel but I grew up in La Rioja, and studied Environmental Sciences in Madrid. I have moved enough by the Spanish geography, always looking for new opportunities. I also lived in England on a scholarship Leonardo. Participated in EVS in the Portuguese project “Communicating Birds II” SPEA. My collaboration focused on Environmental Citizenship Department, but thanks to the good connection I had with the whole team, I got the opportunity to work in different and very interesting projects”.

. Why did you choose to volunteer Europe?
Because I wanted to work with this particular organization, SPEA, and found that the project proposed by EVS totally suited to my expectations. The idea of ​​traveling, know a new country and learning a new language were decisive factors. On the other hand, have the moral and economic support, especially at the sending and host organizations, were essential to participate in EVS.

. Do you think the EVS will / has had a positive effect on your job search?
Since then, I have acquired new skills at a professional level, since all the activities I made had to do with my work experience in the field of nature conservation and environmental education. During these months, were important aspects such as teamwork, initiative and confidence and the urge to beat myself. A very important part of the EVS is to promote multiculturalism and language learning, something I consider essential for any job today.

.Do you know someone whose experience EVS will have been very useful?
Some of the volunteers I met were able to stay and work in their respective organizations after finishing the EVS, but I think not very common, at least in Portugal.

. How was your search EVS project?
It was very simple, the fact is that only one candidate sent. I had very little time to do the paperwork, and I discovered the project when the term was about to close. What I took was to write the Application Form, as I knew I only had a chance to get me selected for consideration, so that I spent many hours.

. Why do you think that the organization you selected precisely to you?
I think he had a profile very tight to what they were looking for, and above all I think they feel how much he wanted that opportunity. In my opinion, candidates must demonstrate a strong personal motivation, curiosity and desire to discover and experience.

. Does the EVS is popular known in your country or shipping?
Overall I think it is a fairly unknown program, which surprised me because I think a great opportunity for young people. I believe that disclosure of the program is quite good, it is easy to know its existence through the Internet or youth centers of communities.



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