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To be or Not to be a Volunteer

To be or Not to be a Volunteer

Ten reasons for becoming a volunteer is a good option for you:


1º You get more tan what you give

2º Once in live you must feel what it is working without expecting something in return.

3º Learning on a voluntary work never stops, every time is a great opportunity for improving your knowledge.

4º Bad or good, voluntary work always give you a new experience.

5º You share with your volunteer mates the extraordinary value of altruism. You will never forget these people, and most probably, they will become close Friends.

6º You will develop values that you maybe didn´t know about.

7º You learn that is better living expecting the unexpected, and that everything and nothing in your mind can happen or not.

8º You are working for making the world a better place.

9º It is a great opportunity for going out of your comfort zone and face to other realities you can´t even imagine, and that are closer form you as what you thought.

10º Everyday you will go to bed with a new sensation.


Ten reasons for becoming a volunteer is not a good option for you:


1º If you expect to have thousands of beautiful pictures for your FB profile, and having lot of likes.

2º If you want to feel happy with yourself or clean up your Karma

3º If your main objective of doing voluntary work is to travel around the world

4º Because is fashionable.

5º Because you don’t have things to do on your life, and is the only way of going out from your parents’ house.

6º Because you are very good painting walls, and you think that there are some countries where people don’t know how to use a brush.

7º You read on newspaper that employers are looking for people with volunteer experience.

8º If you are not capable of giving your time and energy to your voluntary work.

9º If you give up easily and you don’t make huge efforts for making things good.

10º If your main objective is to test yourself and show the rest of the world that you are able to do something for other people


If you want to be a volunteer, you must think that before going overseas, there are lot of voluntary works near you that needs your help.

You must think about if you have motivation, constancy, predisposition and flexibility.

And especially, you must think if you are a committed person.



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