Monday , 20 May 2019
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Job searching tips

Job searching tips

An original CV, a motivation letter in an innovative format, word of mouth, cronyism, web pages, newspapers … There are a thousand ways to look for work, the problem today is that with 6,200,000 unemployed in Spain and other many in Italy, you must try to make it as original as possible. Today I wanted to write about the most original things I’ve heard and all the advice my friends gave me.

For me, who am a refusal of information, I have always opted for simple things handmade, maybe a curriculum colorful, original, attach a good covering letter addressed to the company where you leave the CV …

As all this has served me anything and I’m still looking for work, I realized that I am completely out of date. Although I have been in the paper era, unemployment increases and increases and the necessity is the mother of invention, so I’ve discovered that today there are plenty of formats to present the CV and are increasingly original: Make a video resume, summarize your CV and hand out business cards like candy, create a QR code to access your CV, summarize it in comic form … I have read that two Swedish creatives created a web page in which you could design your own pizza. If you accept to make a job interview they appear with the pizza that you had designed.

Like it or not like I was born in the digital generation. We have at our fingertips so many new technologies that, in theory, make our lives easier and help us, it would be a waste not to use them … For example, an advice my friend Alma gave me is to keep up on all pages of work simply by clicking “like” on Facebook you can see every day the offers they updated. Also here I met a guy who told me that he had created a professional profile on facebook and sent friend requests to all companies that he wanted to hire him.

Although it is also a good idea to write a post on websites devoted to job search and job openings, you can also to advertise in web pages type of ebay, amazon, on pages like “I have … Who Needs?” In pinterest …

Friends also are a source of endless inspiration. For example, a friend told me that a friend of hers created an online shop with vintage clothing with the clothes she found by her mother, aunts and grandmother … and she’s doing great! My friend Bea who studied pharmacy wanted to enter the world of cosmetics in France. She did a curriculum book with clippings of some of his publications, pictures she liked, pictures of her… She also started writing a blog about cosmetics in Spanish and translated into French and of course added to the book some of its top posts …

I encourage you to not give up and explore your creative side … And of course written here leave a suggestion or any good ideas to share! Grazie e in bocca al lupo ;)



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