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The quickest way to discover Solomon Islands

The quickest way to discover Solomon Islands

Since Solomon Islands is a very tiny island area, that if sometimes disappears from world maps (to be honestly speaking) it is also quite the same with how popular or well know Solomon Islands are globally.

Therefore for people who are lazy to even pick up a book or read volumes of written journals to know about Solomon Islands, the easiest and quickest way to look up Solomon Islands is go on line and watch certain movies filmed or documentary about our islands. 2 movies that depict part of the country geographical and traditional livelihood especially of local people and cultures are:

Guadalcanal_Island_1942_43__The_Thin_Red_Line    lau-malaita-solomon-islands-leslie-woodhead-dvd-cover-art

  • “The Thin Red Line” – a movie in which some scenes were shot in the Solomon Islands in Guadalcanal. It was based on The II World War in the Solomon Islands. To check it out online just go to Google search engine and type: “Thin Read Line, the battlefield in Guadalcanal”
  •   “Disappearing World. The Lau od the Solomon Islands” – a documentary about a traditional livelihood of Lau Lagoon, Malaita Province.

You can also get to know Pacific Island Music – just type in Google “Solomon Islands music hits/videos

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