Monday , 22 April 2019
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The most valuable experiences while volunteering


In this time of volunteering my life has been bombarded with surprises. So far mostly pleasant, those surprises that invite to expand the will to believe and create spaces where we can be in harmony with the environment.

This harmony over the last time has been determined by bringing me to know biodiversity, a pending issue that, like many others, has been postponed in countless opportunities, but thanks to this volunteerism I have been able to get on my list of priorities and goals this year. The implementation of this learning has turned out to be a total enrichment because I notice changes, I am surprised and delighted in every moment in which my environment is manifested.

I can not say much about biodiversity, because I feel it to be immeasurable, an eternal and constant act so dynamic that I could spend an infinity trying to describe it … but here is my intent.

Here at SPEA, the team worked on a campaign that ended two weeks ago, where the objectives were to sensitize and educate the community for the rescue of seabirds, granting them indications for the procedure when finding them, as well as monitoring the areas where they are found , For the evaluation of places where the illumination entices them, causing a deviation in its course to the sea.

During this campaign the learning is totally enriching. First, because without having further knowledge about birds, I can know their behavior and get marveled at hearing their vocalizations, have enough delicacy to know their biometrics, surprise me with their anatomy and the heat of their body when they get disoriented, watching them experiment and beat their wings to return to their interrupted flight, taking a few minutes or sometimes hours to flight back to their destination. From a second edge, I can see how the team’s will is directed in diferent actions to reduce the impact on these birds: explaining clearly to each person that consults them about the precautions to have saving a bird, going to different places and take account of any lost bird and investing their time releasing them, even when it means doing it after work or waiting the bird to gets ready to restart its flight, taking a few minutes or more than a couple of hours.

This type of initiative has undoubtedly been one of the most special and enriching activities I have done this time, because it makes me understand the nature of the various inhabitants and visitors lodged on this island, and at the same time has empowered me to such simple actions as a person, but as valuable to biodiversity as saving a seabird.

The most concentrated efforts of ‘Save a Sea Bird’ for this year are over, and in turn the birds have finished their nesting season, finding themselves back in their migration cycles.

From this point forward, the team redirects its work towards other of the many tasks of nature protection, through the birds and their habitats, however, the need for attention on these issues do not stop, even less the actions that try to eliminate those threats. A new network of conservation maneuvers is now underway: #HelpFuraBardos, a campaign that aims to raise donations to guarantee the conservation work in the Laurissilva, one of the largest and best preserved laurel forest in the world, and one of the most emblematic species that inhabits it, the Fura-Bardos. (

In this article, I not only lean to detail the incredible experiences that can happen during volunteering, and the infinitely valuable learning that a person can experiment. Here I also intend not to forget the responsibility that this means … finally, if in any point I fall into oblivion, and postpone again my attunement with biodiversity, I will keep in mind that nature will somehow manifest itself to give me the opportunity of a new encounter .



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