Monday , 20 May 2019
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The life of a typical 20 years old Solomon Islander


As an island nation the Solomon Islands are very small and with only two university accommodating young people from all nine provinces and it can be a hassle. Now, back to the main topic – what does a typical 20 year old do? Well in the Solomon there are not many social avenues e.g. parties, cinemas etc. so most of the time young people just either in school, do part time jobs as voluntary.
Anyway this is what a typical Solomon Islander would do or this is the life of a Typical Solomon Islander:
- Still in school, either high school
- Starting university
- Already chews betelnut (typical fruit/nut)
- Lives with parents
- Dependent on parents
- Still doesn’t know how to travel by plane alone! :)
- Into pop, hippop regae music
- Already has a tattoo
- Not yet well versed with social networks
- Still with the same hair style




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