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The germination grow of volunteering

The germination grow of volunteering

How the volunteering has contributed to my personal growth?

This relationship, today I can say that comes so far, but for already four months ago, it has walked with me different, filling color to the horizon that someday I drew.

Be volunteer in the simplest story in which you can be an actor or actress, no matter if additional, secondary or primary, gives you always a different perspective and puts you in other shoes. Something like this happened to me: at the traditional holidays of my town, being an enthusiastic and naive boy; in Teide National Park with the Red Cross loving “Las Cañadas”, with some organizations in beach cleanups feeling the courage to protect our own, during Ruta Siete, leaving me by the incombustible force of longing, in reforestation and other colorful events and my common home: Empapate Association. So, I was growing as bindweed wanting to take flight, meeting great people, finding new brothers. In the backpack I took Chile, I put energy, the desire to live a life experience and that little experience which has the people who shared the choice to do only to contribute, without thought of receiving.

Now, being European Volunteer outside Europe, I see closer the value to be it, I see the enormous dimension of that word, I see how it affects others and me. Nowadays is time to follow the path of tax system in “developed” countries: school, college, work, few holidays, retirement. This canon is marked by harmful competition, stress, suffocation and broken dreams. Young people feel social and professional pressure: Having a good resume, be independent, have experience, have a job, have money, have a future. That’s where it comes for me this European Voluntary Service, giving a transcendental trust to my path, being a perfect complement.

Not salary receive, not formal-conventional training receive, losing five months of work in exchange to grow in a abysmal form, in exchange of a unique experience and in exchange for winning five unforgettable months for all my life, I think it is a unsurpassable offer.

I open my eyes and I make diaphanous the panoramic photo of my environment, I open my mind and let me teach for new ways of doing, I open the map and I join continents with accents, I open the room of my memories and I built new beds, I open my travel notebook and I let flow the verses, loving each Spanish with the Chilean, I open the trunk of my values ​​and I let embrace the ones I keep with the new I am learning, I open the branches of my family tree, arms of brothers and uncles, I open my frame of reality to the bones of admiration and affection, I open my living room to desert, I open unwittingly wanting but wanting my heart to the smiles and the shelter of my Chilean friends.

I am not someone new; I am only still the same enthusiastic and naive boy, but with a little heart full of gratitude, humanity and life.



About Pablo

Viajero inquieto, caminante creativo, amante de las buenas comidas compartidas (escaldón por siempre), entusiasta mas soñador que realista. Despistado y honesto, compañero de la risa, el buen humor y la música. Restless traveller, creative hiker, fan of good shared meals, committed enthusiast more dreamer than realist. Forgetful and honest, companion of laughter, humour and music.

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