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The Curious Case of traditions

The Curious Case of traditions

The contextual and cultural situation on the island is currently, from a perspective that addresses the background that make up its own idiosyncrasies and my discipline, in a process of gradual deterioration. Madeira Island for Europe has been classified as a destination since the concept “Sun and sea”, where all the activities that take place in this geographical fragment relate to the use and expenditure of resources (but are all quiet! this is rewarded in large amounts of money to various companies that make use of the collective patrimony). The look of European countries toward the so-called “Pearl of the Atlantic” has generated an overload in the demographic and recreational capacity in the towns that make up Madeira, especially in Funchal the capital. This problematic not is caused by those who come to the island, but by them models typological of reception that evoke them institutions responsible.

The history of the island was always written by different countries on the continent that sought the conquest of lands for leisure and personal needs, always territorial efforts and resources were for external and unilateral guilds which were usually indifferent to the realities of the Maderenses situation which persists until now.

The hotel industry is in conflict by who gets finally a terrain steps from the ocean, generating strengthen more and more privatization of civic use and the culture Island marine spaces. The inadequate distribution of road transport has led to an increase accelerated in the purchase and lease of cars individuals saturating the road plot and unscrewing it from its initial purpose (mixed spaces between public transport and pedestrians), removing almost completely on the traditional  ”Carros o Sestos de Monte”  descending from the mountains to the sea through the organic streets of Madeira. Embroidery, one of the most significant work and identifying the island has been decreased to few and simple points of sale, sharing the street with local high fashion British, Italian, among others.

He broad spectrum of services for the foreign is has focused within the island of way centralist and coastal, this tourism massive or of “masses” has attained exclude and disrupt not only to towns and their populations corresponding, but also has caused a mutation in them features cultural sending them to a classification universal and cosmopolitan.

If I had to express my interest in local cultural aspects that managed to capture my attention, I would honestly say that I have a confusion in my head knowing that several of them are currently focus by the superimposition of foreign cultural agents.

Congratulations, always there are people and organizations that deal of safeguard the roots cultural, one of them is this volunteer.



About Bairon

Me gusta el viaje y su ritual, caminar desde el lugar mas urbanizado hasta ese donde la electricidad no va muy bien, pienso que soy una persona que le gusta observar mi entorno , sin embargo muchas veces por tener la mirada en el aire me tropiezo o choco con alguien. me considero un amante de los espacios públicos y todo lo que en ellas suceden; de la buena platica y la buena comida sin duda. Alguien inquieto de cuerpo y mente. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like the travel and its ritual, walking from the place more urbanized until that where the electricity not goes very well, think that am a person that you like observe my environment, however many times by have it look in the air I stumble or choco with someone. I think a lover of them spaces public and all that in them happen; good talk and good food without a doubt. Someone restless body and mind.

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