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The CBT’s concept

The CBT’s concept

Community Based Tourism (CBT) is not simply a tourism business that aims at maximazing profit for the investors. Rather, it´s more concerned with the impact of tourism on the community and environmental resources. CBT emerges from a community development strategy, using tourism as a tool to strengthen the ability of rural organizations that manage tourism resources with the participation of local people.

CBT is a unique type of toursim characteristic and different from mass tourism. Those who intend to put CBT into practice need to fully understand the underlying ideas, principles and component of CBT it self such as : ownerships, participation of community, promotion, environmental aspects, respects cultural differences and human dignity, also distribute the benefits among the community members. Here I could see how people are involved and work together to support this concept work properly. Applying CBT concept within creating and promote of hiking routes is very interesting for me, re connect and finding story of routes, put and organizing the hiking rutes that involves community member. The experience during this program, that brings me to new development concepts for my society back home, because fact in Indonesia we have so many potential routes that need to be developed. However CBT is far from perfect, but with this we can pre package of community problems.



About Karim

I am interested in Youth and Community Development project, since 2009 I have been actively participated in volunteering activity. Towards the program with Islandshake called STARS project it gives me the opportunity to have more experience and knowledge in the sustainable tourism concept that I am planning to work more also with my organization(Sahabat Pulau) and associated with Bali-Community Based Tourism Association (BALI-CoBTA) in Indonesia.

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