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TENERIFFIC Bonanza – part II

TENERIFFIC Bonanza – part II

The employability project through training activities and study visits has been enriching not only by motivating but aspiring participants to strive for more.


 In terms of inspiration, the approaches and sharing of good practices has inspired me to really ‘think globally and act locally’. In other words, I have been inspired t be more involved in my local setting either it be in my community, school campus or church based youth groups. One way or another, seeing first hand, the amount of work that can be done with less money has also stirred my longing to try and implant the same way of thinking in other young people, who are willing to do great things but don’t know where to start.


On the other hand this course has also encouraged and opened my eyes to new ideas and approaches that can also be very useful to the organization that I am part of. The study visits have really impacted me especially the collaborative aspect of it. Our local organization as a youth body can also achieve some of its key goals by collaborating with various stake holders and individuals to successfully implement the ongoing community ward set ups as well as organizing interacting activities with other young people.


Furthermore, some of the most important things I’ve learned are:

  • How the European Commission functions especially when it comes to project proposals
  • What the EVS is, its objective and functions
  • How to create project budgets as a very important part of any proposal and the activities to be done.


The three areas listed above are only some of the important concepts learned for the following reasons:

a. Knowing how the EC operates in terms of applying for youth projects provides a guideline for all participants especially Non-EU countries to be realistic and honest when applying for such.

b. The EVS is very important especially for Non-EU countries. Knowing what the EVS is beneficial for a country such as the Solomon islands because as a developing country where many young people are unemployed, voluntarism is one way of engaging young people to co-operate for greater rural advancement.

c. The project budget overview was also very important as it not only teaches how to draw up a budget but also important principle such as how to spend money in the most economical way to accomplish more, as well as to be more realistic and practical when drawing up such projects.


To sum up, the overall experience for me was really an ‘ice breaking’ one. It had been both educating and Non-formally enriching. It was an opportunity of a life time that will continue especially with the second phase meeting in the Solomon Islands.

jessicaOnce again Muchas Gracias and hope to see you in the Solomons, jeSSEICA



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