Monday , 17 June 2019
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Tenerife in Indonesian’s Girl eyes

Tenerife in Indonesian’s Girl eyes

Well, Tenerife is like a magic square of magician. First time I arrived here a beautiful rainbow welcomed me. It looked like whole island smiled, and I found it in the same way.

As a food lover, I experienced lots of surprising facts. For example the size of the bread -“pan de bocadillo” – it is so so big! We don’t eat that bread by ourselves in Indonesia. And also the meal. All in big portion. The soup, the milk, the meat which we will eat them with whole family, but here I supposed to eat by myself. I cannot find more veggies here. All they serve is mostly meat. I thing I have gained weight already. And the spanish people, they don’t eat chili so as a chili lover I miss the hot spicy meal. But they do have great COUS COUS which I love and the lemon ice cream an Punta de Hidalgo.


I thing I talk to much about the food. Now I am about to share about the people and also the city. People are friendly, they let us pedestriants to cross the street! It is such a nice behavior.
The city… It is a love at the first sight! The old buildings, the museum, the stores, the roads, even the cold weather made me in a deep love. It is always nice to find people walking and enjoying their free time along the street. So, words are not enough to express all my feelings, since we have limited time to write, the best is to come to Tenerife and experience the hidden beauty of this old city La Laguna.




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