Monday , 17 June 2019
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Conquering Mountains in Tenerife

Cruz Del Carmen

The last time I hiked in all my 24 years of existence was when I was in Grade 5. I was 11 years old and a member of the Pathfinders, a church group for kids aged 10-16, similar to the scouts.  I remember getting muscle cramps and got bandaged for a sprained ankle, and sympathetic voices above me, telling me ... Read More »


Hmmm…There are intense moments; one can describe it at length, putting down the glorious details on paper in no time. Then, there are those quiet and fleeting moments. The type you want to last, but you know that it won’t and you cherish every sweet second, because you know you might not experience it again or you might, but it ... Read More »

Getting Started – 2nd Week in Tenerife

Rabo de Gato

It was a great first week (read about my first week in the first article). This week other STARS EVS Volunteers are doing their On Arrival Training with their Hosting organizations (It’s a compulsory training for all EVS Volunteers). I have to wait a bit.  However, on the sunny side, the training will be conducted on the mainland, which means ... Read More »

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