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What next?


When I was in boarding school on an island two hours by outboard motor from my hometown and family, one phrase used to pop up every now and again. “Opportunity is like a bald-headed man with one hair”.  As funny as it sounds, it is true. Once lost, is lost forever. Off course, there are other opportunities out there. But ... Read More »

Meet Pablo Armas Correa


I have never met Pablo. Yes, I have heard of him because we are volunteering in the same project but in different countries. I have, however, come to love his island, an island floating off the coast of Africa, rich with culture, traditions and history. Knowing this, I am not surprised when I interviewed him for this  article through Facebook ... Read More »

My daily life in the new country.

En el momento en que me vi desafiada a escribir sobre mi vida diaria, pensaba que en realidad no podría describirla, puesto que cada día carecía de estructura y se encontraba, en el momento, repleto de nuevos estímulos. Luego de dos meses aproximadamente, ya puedo visualizar qué significa esto en mi experiencia. Significa despertar a la misma hora gran parte ... Read More »

On arrival EVS training.

Hoy, 20 de Septiembre, se cumplen ya dos meses de Voluntariado en la Isla de Madeira. Precisamente, la semana anterior tuve la posibilidad de asistir a un encuentro para un “entrenamiento” de inicio de voluntariado. El encuentro se llevó a cabo en la ciudad de Braga, en el norte de Portugal. Estuvimos durante cinco días en un hotel realizando reflexiones ... Read More »


Hmmm…There are intense moments; one can describe it at length, putting down the glorious details on paper in no time. Then, there are those quiet and fleeting moments. The type you want to last, but you know that it won’t and you cherish every sweet second, because you know you might not experience it again or you might, but it ... Read More »

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