Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Surrounded by Nature

Surrounded by Nature

Despite the fact that in the Canary Islands we live surrounded by nature, sometimes it is strange not finding buildings on every step I make through the roads of the inside fields of Sri Lanka, not feeling myself inside a concrete jungle. I am not saying with this that I miss the bustle from the cities, the noise from the jams, or breathing its polluted air…

Everybody should spend some days of their busy calendars to scape from the cities to some place in where the ground has not been corrupted by the excesses of development. Thanks to the STARS program, my journey to Sri Lanka is giving me the chance to live in a rural environment, where I sit down under the shadow of the “Rubber Trees”, the noise is made by the “Kaluganga River” and I can not think of the idea of sleeping without the sounds of the jungle around me.

It is easy to understand why these people are always smiling, why their problems always seem smaller… seeing the affection with which they treat all living things… see how they enjoy a pleasant bath in the river… they have the opportunity to enjoy the ground in a very pure way, and they know how to take advantage of this.

Knowing that the progress of large cities is threatening the interior of a country under construction, the inhabitants of the rural area of Madurawala (where I am having the opportunity to live in) are open to development, but always in a sustainable way.

Living surrounded by pureness and nature, makes your mind come clearer. I am starting to appreciate the calm that this place gives to me.

Stop, stare… analyse… then, continue.



About Alvaro

Apasionado de vivir en la naturaleza, y de que la naturaleza viva en mí. Efímeras las oportunidades... que vienen y se van con el viento. Amante de aprovechar cada segundo de la vida. Explorador de los límites del cuerpo y la mente. Caminante del universo hasta que éste se canse de mis pasos y decida echarme de sus senderos. Passionate about living in nature, and about nature living in me. Opportunities are fleeting... they fly away with the wind. I love making the most of every second of my life. Body and mind limits explorer. Universe walker, until the universe gets tired of my steps and decides to put me out of its path.

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