Monday , 22 April 2019
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Sri Lanka Eating Time Experience

Sri Lanka Eating Time Experience

The first time I face to the situation of eating with my hands, was shocking but interesting. In my country we are not used to touch with our fingers the food that later we are going to put inside our mouths.

But know, I can considered myself a real professional. I don´t eat as fast as srilankans, but when I have the opportunity to use cutlery, I always prefer to eat without them. It is going to be difficult to get back to eat with fork and spoon, hope my mother won´t mind if I asked to eat paella with hands.



About Alvaro

Apasionado de vivir en la naturaleza, y de que la naturaleza viva en mí. Efímeras las oportunidades... que vienen y se van con el viento. Amante de aprovechar cada segundo de la vida. Explorador de los límites del cuerpo y la mente. Caminante del universo hasta que éste se canse de mis pasos y decida echarme de sus senderos. Passionate about living in nature, and about nature living in me. Opportunities are fleeting... they fly away with the wind. I love making the most of every second of my life. Body and mind limits explorer. Universe walker, until the universe gets tired of my steps and decides to put me out of its path.

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