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Seminar in Trento, “By&Be, Be Young Be Employed”

Seminar in Trento, “By&Be, Be Young Be Employed”


Being an EVS volunteer in Lefkada proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences that I ever had and every day it becomes even better. Some weeks ago I had an amazing opportunity. I was invited to take part in a training course on youth employment and you can imagine how happy I was giving the fact that the topic was so compatible with what I have to write for Island Shake. The course took place in the beautiful city of Trento (Italy) for one week.

Diagonal Community trough the National Committee of the Diagonal in Italy, was the NGO in charge with the organization of the Youth in Action training course. During 8 days, 24 young people coming from different European associations shared experiences and possible tools on the topic of Youth (un)employment having the goal of improving the employability of the young people, the exchange of active work offers, searching strategies and promoting the creation of networks to help in the searching of possible jobs for young people.
During all the days, we focused on both the theoretical and practical sides of the problem. Theoretically we talked about the concept of active citizenship, how we can fight unemployment, the basic concepts of the work field (self employment, mobility…), and reflections on the characteristics of it (the local and European perspective). We also approached the topic of unemployment proposing collective solutions and we also worked on the employment concepts trough informal education.

Practically we applied in our work different methods: group discussions, exhibitions, role play games, practical workshops etc and also we dedicated some time talking about the EVS as an example of geographical mobility. In order to do that, the group took advantage of the presence of the three EVS amongst them who explained to the others how this program is working. We also talked about our experience as EVS and I can say that the great majority of people showed great interest in doing an EVS in the future.

During the seminar we also enjoyed and took advantage of the diversity of people from different countries that we met there. One of the fun things that we did was the intercultural dinner that we organized on one of the first nights in Trento. We enjoyed a diversity of local traditional foods. My situation was funny and a bit weird because even if I am a Spanish girl, I represented my Greek hosting association in the intercultural dinner and I had to present the local products from Lefkada. But in the end it was a real pleasure and we had a lot of fun. After the dinner we also enjoyed dancing for hours on typical music of all countries that were present… it was really amazing how much fun we had dancing so many of the dances of different countries without really knowing the steps before.

On the other hand, we also enjoyed visiting the city of Trento where we had the opportunity to go and meet the Public Employment Service of Trento and thus meet existing employment resources for young people. Also, we had the opportunity, to go to a debate that was on the role of trade unions in changing employment conditions in young people.

How you can imagine, it was a week of the most complete! I am grateful for having the opportunity to attend a seminar on this particular subject, having the opportunity to meet other new places, great people from so many different countries … It was without doubt, a great and unforgettable experience in the beautiful Italy! :D

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