Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Self Vs Reality

Self Vs Reality

The ´honeymoon´ phase is over. I am sinking into the reality of everyday life in the Canary Islands, especially in La Laguna and Santa Cruz. I am trying my best not to be on ´Solomon time´ as here everything and everyone is on time to a t.

It is a challenge, coming from a laid back and slow-paced country and, where people more or less don’t let time rule them. I understand the implications of the ´Solomon time´ more and more each day. While it has given Solomon islanders some freedom to go about their daily business in a less stressful and pressured manner, it does affect the progress of activities, most importantly the success of these activities and the timeframe of implementing activities.

And I see a need for change. Off course, with an ocean separating Europe and the Pacific, things are done differently. But at the end of the day, it is achieved because people are on time and are actually doing work. And when everyone is on time, you don’t have to wait for the next person to get a job done. Proactive is the key word.

I went on my first hike and was very impressed to see the level of environmental consciousness among the participants. Part of the hike, was to clean the hike route. With tourism the main industry here, people are working together to ensure that tourist activities are sustainable and that it does not threatened the environment. Sustainable practices in the midst of tourism activities are a priority.



About Junita

I am an islander with a passion for gender equality, youth and community development. I am a spontaneous adventurer! I would love to travel around the world one day, to learn about different cultures and way of life as opposed to mine, to broaden my perspective and how I percieve the world around me. I believe perseverance makes all things possible. Life is a boat ride. Sleep easy. Dream big. Think big. Start doing. Soldier on. At the end of the day, give me a book, I am lost in its universe.

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