Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Rice and curry, rice and curry, rice and curry

Rice and curry, rice and curry, rice and curry

DSC_3492The food in Sri Lanka can be describe with “rasay” the sinhalese word to say delicious.

Colorfull, spicy and tasty food. I have discovered new flavours that inspire me to learn about their recepies and traditions.

Rice and curry, rice and curry, rice and curry. I say this three times because in Sri Lanka I eat rice and curry for breakfast for luch and for dinner. One month ago  i didn’t understand what actually “main food” means.

In Sri Lanka there is no doubts about food. If sri lankan people could choose any kind of food to eat i’m sure they will select rice and curry.

In europe we are used to eat different kind of food every day, when people ask me about a spanish “main food” they surprise with the fact that we don’t have one. Rice and curry is a important part of their daily life.

The real secret is that curry really means a numerous preparations. Curries can be prepared from a wide range of products: dall, vegetables, fish, meat, jackfruit, coconut..

The food in Sri Lanka is a real experience I have learn to eat with my fingers because they never use cutlery.

I have been eating rice and curry for more than two week, so now it is difficult to me to eat different kind of food. Neither a spanish omelet has the same flavour. Now i only want to eat spicy food ;)



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