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Red teeth and solo time – culture shock in Solomon Islands

Red teeth and solo time – culture shock in Solomon Islands

Below are some instances, behaviors and practices that might be a culture shock for someone from Spain (and other countries) if they were to travel to Honiara, such as:

1. The amount of rubbish (e.g. plastic, paper) end peoples attitude of littering everywhere.

2. Red and black teeth both young and old from betel nut chewing and taking into account spitting red blotches of betel nut juice almost everywhere, especially children chewing betel nut.

3. People staring or smiling at you unexpectedly or for no reason.

4. All schools must wear uniforms.

5. The existence of diverse language for example you could be in an bus with, let’s say, about ten people and for of them could be speaking in Guadalcanal, the next two in Malaitan language and the other four maybe in western province language.

6. Domestic violence in a sense where you could find in town two women (or men/boy/girl) fighting each other over personal grudges that become public displays!

7. Food will be totally or mostly different it’s more local .

8. Music will be a different from very typical traditional music to modern and 21st century genres.

9. Working  and non-working days will be a new experience, for example Saturdays and Sundays it is mandatory that people do not engage in any form of official work hours.

10. People don’t normally hug or kiss each other, especially when greeting.

11. Very slow movement, known locally as “solo time”. People tend to be late and take their tame to do something.

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