Friday , 22 February 2019
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Although they may not always be right, we all have first impressions. We need somewhere to start discovering the new and unknown. Traveling to Reykjavik gave many first impressions to the people going there.

Cold is not cold, cold means there are not enough clothes. The houses made of wood and metal look flimsy, but they endure the cold temperatures and inclement weather like rocks. Shyness is a variable inversely proportional to the degree of alcohol one contains in his blood. To be able to develop projects and living in communities depends on the people, not on nationalities…

A society where a woman was elected president for the first time worldwide, where homosexuality is respected, people don’t throw trash on the street, the doors are not locked and the army is not necessary … It has to be a modern society, although the most famous smartphones are not manufactured here, There are no trains or subway anywhere in the country and the local industry is still fishing like the old times.

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Any Spanish who knows who is Miss Lady Gaga, like me, could be surprised if realize that not many people care about her visit, virtually no one is moved by the visit of such a famous person. An Icelander may admire the character, but they often respect the person. That’s why Reykjavik is usually a holiday or resting place for actors or singers of international fame, a “small town” where to go unnoticed, where they are almost ignored.

Perhaps because of the long cold winters with little sunlight or because the television in this country is not a priority, they produce the utmost necessary media and the rest is bought elsewhere without even bothering to bend the contents or even translate it… The fact is that in this country it’s natural to speak more than one language and play an instrument.

Jules Verne imagined this country to posses the entrance to the center of the earth, as he had enough reason to do so. Nature in this land does not leave anyone indifferent, geysers, waterfalls, glaciers, hot springs, volcanoes … Landscapes that invite you to enjoy the calm and the exoticism of the frozen north, and to compare them with those warm latitudes where I am from. It should remind us how great and wonderful is the world we live in.

Well, if first impressions are so important, certainly mine are still very good. hopefully they will not fail me …



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