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Patience, will and perseverance …

Patience, will and perseverance …

After thinking about who I could write about in this article I came to the conclusion that it would be better to talk about my own work experience. At the moment the biggest problem that the youth of today must face with, without a doubt, is the lack of employability. This crisis as well as everything else complicates the youth finding a job and are unable to acomplish our personal expectations. However, with a little patience, will and perseverance … it is possible to find a job!

I will summarise a little my experience about this. I’ve been living outside the Canary Islands, I came to Granada to do my master and after finishing it, I felt like I still didn’t want to leave, the year had gone very quickly and I still wanted to carry on enjoying the experience. The only way to stay would be finding a job now that grants had finished and I now didn’t have another option. At first, I was enjoying handing out my CV at various places and while I waited for someone to ring, I started doing courses for unemployed people and like that I took advantage of widening my training experiences. After 7 months of this, the employment service in Andalusia rang me for the first interview. It surprised me because I had always believed that no one would actually ring from the  SPEE ( State Unemployment Office), before called INEM,  to offer me something or at least this time but I realized that it  is possible and on top of that they offered me the job.

It was an offer for a degree in sociology and to work on the census that happened to be taking place that year… Working for the INE (National Statistics Institute), in short … there is nothing better for a sociologist!
There were 25 of us who were selected as being eligibility for the post. In the end it take me on but I took all the positives from the experience … The fact that they called me and that they had chosen me to take the tests and being so close to qualifying for a position in my subject area, since being a graduate in sociology, how are things today, is more still difficult to achieve.

I kept handing out my CV and soon someone called me with an offer of being a telemarketing phone operator thanks to the CV I left with the University of Granada. I must say that I had had little hope that they would call me from anywhere and I had now begun to get used to the idea that I would shortly have to leave Granada. However, I went to the interview and after it finished I left there feeling very good and satisfied with how it went. Being a telemarketing phone operator had always caught my attention even though it has nothing to do with my training. A few days later, I was called to begin work on a campaign with 7 colleagues that the company was carrying out.

We were all very excited when we started but as time when by our enthusiasm lowered… we had to call businesses to try to sell them carrier bags in the name of associations for establishments that help spread the message promoting organ donation. Although the aim was very good it was a very complicated task, it was not easy to sell and every day there was increasing pressure for failing to sell anything. Like my colleagues I was not suited to this jobwas not well working on it, and the pressure overwhelmed me, but I felt like leaving the job would just make me feel worse. Finally, just a month after starting the boss called us and told us that having not met the objectives we would all have to leave. It was a mixture of joy and sadness, because I would not have to do the job that caused me so much stress and pressure but at the same time … I was out of work again.

But my surprise was that after 15 days they called me from the same place! I was afraid to see what my work would now entail, even though I was the only one from the group lucky enough to be called, this time my job was to do surveys! I was very happy because in the first interview one of the things they didn’t like was that I said I didn’t have experience in doing surveys… and this is basic to a sociologist. Therefore, although it is not the job that I would like to do forever, I saw straightaway the advantages of starting this job. I was much more comfortable, I love talking on the phone … I am of those few people who can spend hours talking on them! Hehe! I now had no pressure of any kind and people are in general much nicer that when you ring them trying to sell them something. In addition, I participated in preparing doctoral thesis surveys for various Spanish universities which has increased my interest in the various social studies that were performed. In conclusion, I’ve now been working for this company for more than a year. I am very happy because it allowed me gain work experience and to stay in Granada. In a month I will have to leave to go to fulfil another dream …volunteering in Lefkada awaits me! But I trust that on returning something will come up. It’s always possible! :D





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