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Our fears and expectations

Our fears and expectations

The first day participants of Shake Island met and we shared our expectations and our fears for this project I noticed that almost all of us agreed/said the same!

The most common fear that we had, in general, was confronting the language. All of us will work on our island in English, but every island that we visit will have a different official language with which we will have to familiarise ourselves. Learning languages, in itself, has always been my weak point … In my case, the language I have to learn is Greek … I have never studied Greek and I think that it is one of the most difficult languages, so I have a big job ahead of me studying this language which for the moment I am doing on my own. In principle, I have already started working on it … I have bought a travel guide (with which I will undoubtedly be inseparable on this adventure) at least in learning the most basic words which will help me a little in getting along and I will go along learning them before reaching the island.

The fear that we have shown as a group has generally been that, given we do not know the language, the drawbacks that will occur in our destination. For example, our work not developing because of not being comfortable with the language, difficulties when faced with expressing ourselves at work and in our daily lives, getting around the island, meeting people, etc.

However, as is normal, on the other hand are the expectations that each of us have in our projects. We all express having many and varied expectations.

In general, we are eager to learn new things, perform our work in the best way possible and be satisfied with it and perform at your best.

It would be ideal if the length of our stay is sufficient to achieve all our goals. We also hope that this project will help us develop ourselves much better from now on, to be self-sufficient. After this experience we will come back loaded with a thousand new anecdotes that will definitely help us grow as individuals and aid us professionally. All we have shown interest in visiting new places, we are all curious about learning a new culture and ways of life and, in the same way, we all hope to meet people with whom we will share experiences during that time and who will leave a positive mark on us.

According to the experiences of other volunteers we know that the first few days will be difficult because we have to start from scratch, we will be alone and everything will be new to us. However, we are all armed with the same desires and dreams to help us fight the setbacks that we may have throughout our stay on the island.



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