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My opinion on Sustainable Tourism and CBT

My opinion on Sustainable Tourism and CBT

20160618_095610The first time I heard about CBT, my idea was that my work in Antofagasta would be, working with communities, since CBT means “community based tourism”. I think that this is always the first though that comes to the mind of a person that hears about it for the first time.

This idea isn’t completely wrong, but there is a very important think to be mentioned that changes the way of understanding how it works.


After arriving to Antofagasta and finally understanding the real meaning of CBT, I understood that the tour operators were working with the community on developing activities that didn’t involve them as organizers, only as participants.

The communities are an essential part on developing CBT since they provide the differential factor by sharing their very own knowledge, acquired through generations and their livings.

CBT is a way of valuing an enchanted place’s patrimony through the local’s point of view.



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Travel lover impacient for adventure and action that involves mother nature. Aims to meet and greet new cultures and make friends all over. Professionally, hopes to work on the field of proteccion and conservacion of biodiversity. Partner in crime and adept of good times.

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