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My first month in Lefkada

My first month in Lefkada

Too many changes in too little time … new country, new island, new city, new home, living with multiple languages ​​at the same time, new friends, a contrast of cultures … But if something is becoming clear in my time living here it is that time goes by so fast! Now I can talk more about what the first weeks are like volunteering in Lefkada. With this article I hope to be of assistance to future volunteers, but especially to those who in the future will develop volunteering here.

The first thing to say is that to get to the island from Spain the best option is going to Athens and then taking the bus from the station in the Greek capital and I began my 5 hour trip to Lefkada.

In my case, the coordinator of the organization game to greet me and then led me to my new home. The first few weeks I have been living alone in a tiny apartment but now I have moved to what will now be my house for the rest of my stay here.

During the months that lie ahead on this island I have to share a house with 5 flatmates who live downstairs like me (who are also volunteers working in the same organization) and with 6 other flatmates who live upstairs. I’ve now had the opportunity to meet them all, and I must say I love the good atmosphere we have between us.

It is normal to get completely lost, like I said earlier, everything is completely new! But it’s really my flatmates who update you on everything and slowly resolve all your doubts. I really appreciated having other Spanish people at the house when I arrived because, as I explained in my previous article my English is not very good … and thanks to this I could check on any doubts I had and they caught me up on everything. I remember a long walk to the beach and we finally ended up having some drinks at a cafe in the centre of Lefkada. It was a relaxing day while at the same time intense, because there were too many things to explain and ask.

In the first week they usually leave you to adjust to everything, then I met with my coordinator where we talked about the tasks that I could carry out within the organization, adapting to the activities offered. In my case a further task I have added is assisting in the nursing home, I would to do some interesting activities with them. But finally, I will present for the island’s radio station: Orange R @ dioNet. :)

I would finally like to add that besides all this we have a mentor who we meet one a week to discuss any problems or to request support. This is perfect because we all got together and took the opportunity to discuss interesting topics. Although currently there is little that I can contribute because of my level of English, but it also helps me listening to my fellow volunteers and Thanos, our mentor. We also make the most of taking trips, watching movies to learn about the history of Greece, etc … All of this to me seems very enriching.

In short, you will see that everything is easier once you get to your host destination than you thought before leaving. And you know, if any of you are going to become a volunteer do not hesitate to ask any about any doubt you may have! We would be happy to help! ;)




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