Saturday , 20 April 2019
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My first impressions

My first impressions

I chose this picture because it reflects how I feel: confident, highly motivated and smiling all over!

So far I just can say Bali is such and incredible place that I consider myself very lucky for having the chance to live this experience. This might be the “honey moon stage”, as it is known, but honestly, I would’ve never imagined how reality could exceed expectations in such a positive way.

Since the very first moment of my arrival, I felt amazingly involved and committed to the goals of my EVS project and the aims of the NGO I work for. My hosting organization is simply amazing, both my workmates and the work they develop.

Within the first couple of weeks we’ve been basically doing familiarization with the Balinese culture and travelling to the different villages where we will be working in the next five months.

If I’d need to point out my highlights for these first weeks I would definitely choose… smiling people all around, breathtaking rice fields, nasi and mie goreng, and, for sure, loud motorbikes everywhere!”



About Irene

For the last 6 years I've lived in 9 different cities, in 5 different countries, that makes an idea of how I plan my life: always moving, always traveling, always on the way! If traveling is my life, painting is my passion.

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