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My fabulous experience in Tenerife

My fabulous experience in Tenerife

My experience in Tenerife has been quite fabulous. It is my first time visiting a cold country and experiencing such low temperatures. 


The most surprising thing for my was the visit to Teide. Although I had a struggle to breath and felt extremely cold it was a fun experience. I got to see Jupiter and the stars belonging to the galaxy Nebular of Orion, trough the telescope. I was also excited to experience a different culture which I actually like.

I would encourage any young St. Lucian to visit Tenerife because there is lots to see and do. The amazing of them all was the volcanic rocks I got to see up the mountain it reminded me how amazing God was in his creation.

The food is a little bit foreign to me in the style in which it is prepared and I learnt that I should stick to what I know because I definitely did not enjoy my salad with mushrooms and the batata that I ordered for dinner. I am so used to drinking juice at all my meal and I was quite surprised juice was not offered at lunch Tobitha2or dinner. In spite was disappointed in encouraged me to drink more water which is healthier. My biggest fear was getting the common cold because it would be difficult to combat in the cold. But I was happy that the Tenerife crew including my roommate ensured that I was well taken cared of and provided things and ways that I could have felt much better.

I must comment on the other Islanders they are very warm and welcoming. It felt a home away from home. All in all I was very comfortable in spite I missed my country. And I will definitely return to Tenerife one day.




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