Saturday , 25 May 2019
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My daily life in Honiara

My daily life in Honiara

DCIM104GOPRO8:00 am, the alarm clock, I open my eyes, I look at the ceiling and see a fan running, then I remember where I am. I wear a white shirt with eight flags and many stars. Most family already gone when I breakfast. 8:30 am, twenty-minute walk become less hard if when leaving the house, a child greets me saying “morning, white man”, and again back to being aware of what I’m living. After 1.5 kilometers downhill walk, we arrived at the bus stop. 9:00 am, I get to the office sweating more than yesterday, and after “good morning, team” we set off, we and the fan. Meetings, visits, proposals, projects, always wanting to move forward and continue taking steps, but sometimes your feet have another rhythm and want to go faster than the rest, walking to the “Solomon time”. 12:00 am, lunch, time to taste once again one of the star dishes, fish and potatoes or rice with anything. 13:00 pm, back to the office, it’s time to break the English and transform it into “Pidgin”, and discuss plans for tomorrow. 15:00 pm, just working hours in the office, now walking to the nearest buses stop to the central market and, incidentally, to buy something to replenish the pantry and refrigerator, maybe some vegetables on the market, or rice package in Chinese shop. 15:40 pm, we catch a bus for 3 dollars and then a taxi for 10, another way to travel the road to the house. At the door, the 14 family dogs welcome us, and upon entering the cat also greets us. On the kitchen table, never missing a pot of rice, a tray roasted sweet potatoes, or fish cooked with coconut milk. 16:05 pm, gradually during the afternoon, the quiet house is filled, the middle sister, two brothers, mother, father, father’s cousin, father’s coworkers, and always someone new in the family, a house where there is room and food for all. There is Wi-Fi at home, we can use to work a little, write articles, upload photos, update the team’s Facebook page, connect to the outside world and say that all is well. Shower, rest, music, silence, hammock, barking, talking, laughing. 20:30 pm, it’s time for dinner and cooking traffic is increasing. Unlike the weekend, each cook and eat what you want and where you want, the father in the hammock, the sister in the kitchen, the mother in the room, the brother in the room, the dogs in the garden, cat under the stairs and we in the dining room. But meanwhile movement, a pleasant and familiar atmosphere that make you feel at home. 22:10 pm, is a good time to speak to those who are 5, 10 or 15 hours ago. Is the perfect time to take stock, to add one more page to the adventure of the calendar that take away one day, and hope, once again, the unexpected, because, although every day seem the same, you never know what may surprise the morning following. I look at the ceiling and see a fan running. 8:00 am, the alarm clock.



About Jose

A passport that adds something more than just a label, a new adventure. A backpack that every time arrives fuller of experiences and learning. With eyes open as coconuts to dive and feed on new realities and, of course, always ready to expect the unexpected. ................................................................................................................................................................. Un pasaporte que suma algo más que un simple sello, una nueva aventura. Una mochila que cada vez regresa más llena de experiencias y aprendizaje. Con los ojos abiertos como cocos para sumergirme y alimentarme de nuevas realidades y, por supuesto, siempre preparado para esperar lo inesperado.

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