Friday , 22 February 2019
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Showing the world Tenerife

Showing the world Tenerife

If an Italian nearing retirement tells you that she wants to go to spend their golden years in paradise… what would you recommend?

Every Thursday we do an English course for young people participating in restorative justice projects. It’s the best part of my volunteering. These are young people, almost all minors who have committed minor offenses and they, instead of being sent to a reformatory, enter a restorative justice program. Therefore attend our English classes, and then to participate in international exchanges which I will speak in the next article ;)

The boys are lovely, but some have trouble concentrating or even to write and read, they learn, participate in all the games, they do coffee for us in the breaks … Social workers and educators who work there are very nice also, they are made of a special paste…

One day I went alone to do the class because my classmates had a lot of trouble, and at the end I was talking a while with the social workers, they asked me where I was from and well… “From Canary Island? Aaah what a paradise! So jealous!” The center’s director, who is already retired, told me what she thought of the Canary Islands as a place to go to spend her retirement, that if it was too expensive, how about the weather, the language, the people … I gave a resounding YES, but I had a bit rushed and told her to talk the following week at length and that if I could even find some of my photos to see the real Tenerife.

Sin título

I prepared a powerpoint with some canarian music and my best photos of the island, Teide, Anaga, Benijo, Punta Teno, La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz, El Medano, Garachico, La Laguna … And I went back the next Thursday with a different proposal for English class.

They marvelled at the photos and, of course, on how I was talking about my island … I told them about all the differences between Sicily and Tenerife and the kids were so happy to have a different English class and also the director for the pictures and the pretty things I was saying… I do not know if it will be her favourite place, but in the end I recommended Puerto de la Cruz, I said that it was where the Europeans were going to spend their retirement, it was a very tiny and beautiful city and it had much life and many cultural offerings, good weather … what would you recommend?


It is true that when we go out of our archipelago we become a chauvinist, but this time I think I was sincere objectively. I do not think there is a better place to spend retirement Islands, childhood, adolescence, maturity ..



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Como diría mi amigo Alejandro, soy una "romántica de la vida". Me encanta viajar y descubrir sitios nuevos, sus gentes, sus costumbres, aprovechar y aprender de cada experiencia y sobre todo disfrutar de cada pequeño detalle y de los placeres más sutiles del día al día...

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