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“More than a tourism model”

“More than a tourism model”


These small affirmation is actually now my definition about CBT (Community Based Tourism).  Is our helm in this navigation, but also it has got an universal dimension which cross this local ecosystem formed by UCN – Multihelix Innovation Model, BUDEO CLUB, Communities and the entire city of Antofagasta. For us, CBT is unintentionally, a slogan with new and open message, which, for one hand generate hope, but for the other hand, some distrust in the essential piece: the community.

Before my travel, I did not want to idealize it, because the expectative would be utopic and because I wanted to surprise me with the join creation way. The minimum bases I hoped, would allow interact with local communities, know their problems, share their desires and discover their dreams, to help in everything I could. In Tenerife, I search tourism and CBT information in Antofagasta, but I only found some point of interest, many things in San Pedro de Atacama and nothing about Community Tourism. The challenge was big, but I knew that I would count with the support of people who was working to change the miner character of the city.


Nowadays, I see that we do not have enough time to do everything we want. I think this model works and generates development truly, but it needs constancy and join effort. In this moment is important implement the same model, using diversified actions, because each community has it different needs, desires, infrastructures, services, opportunities, habitants, culture and experience in tourism. I can´t say that here we have a similar model as Bali, because there is much for that, but we can say, “we have taken the first steps firmly”.

13765947_1219278638083807_5170953287842100979_oOur STARS seminary launching, gives the opportunity to make a multisectoral radiography about our practice areas: Península de Mejillones, Santa María Island and local communities (Juan López, Punta Rieles y Caleta Constitución). We have worked with it, and we could share special moments. In five days, we start the First Multiplier Course: “Development hiking and CBT”. We think it will be positive to young people, to the communities and for the tourism agents in Antofagasta.




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Viajero inquieto, caminante creativo, amante de las buenas comidas compartidas (escaldón por siempre), entusiasta mas soñador que realista. Despistado y honesto, compañero de la risa, el buen humor y la música. Restless traveller, creative hiker, fan of good shared meals, committed enthusiast more dreamer than realist. Forgetful and honest, companion of laughter, humour and music.

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