Monday , 22 April 2019
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More than a Multiplier!

According with EVS goals, volunteers had a task (between many others) of preparing two Multiplier Courses, which were one of the most important tasks of the programme, since it would help on amplifying the amount of people involved on this amazing STARS project!

This post is focused on the 2nd MC developed by Team Chile which worked on watching marine fauna and flora allongside with fishermen, the best in business ^^

So.. we managed to develop the course during 3 days at the Universidad Catolica del Norte and Punta Rieles! The first 2 days, we invited as speakers some specialists in marine fauna and flora. Between them there were our project coworkers, SPEA (Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves), CONAF and some university specialists! We also had the pleasure of inviting as audience, the fishermen from Punta Rieles, who would help during the 3rd day! In these first 2 days, the audience gathered the theoretical part necessary for a controlled animal watching.

Then..came the fun part!

At the 3rd day, we went in a TANDEM Bus to Punta Rieles with all the participants where our fishermen friends would be waiting for us boats, so we could go into the sea animal watching!

We drove between mountains and sea to find a very diversed animal world! Seabirds, seawolves, seaeverything! Always with the presence of professionals that would educate us. At lunch we went to Raul Riquelme’s local business, Director of CIFAMAC (Centro de Investigación de Fauna Marina y Avistamiento de Cetaceos), where we ate the famous “empanadas” made by his awesome wife!

With a full stomach, we finally had time to do some aquatic sports! Waterski, snorkelling and Subwing with some material that Budeo Tour (Team Chile), borrowed for the interested ones.

At the end, we had to come back home… but it was an awesome, amazing and joyful day!

A very fulfilling Multiplier Course!! :D

Stay tunned for the photos and check the video!

Multiplier Course!



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