Monday , 22 April 2019
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Met Puapuma Village

Met Puapuma Village

A community hidden in a corner of Isabel Province, which show me the true beauty of the way of life of this Islands … Welcome to Puapuma Kindy Village.

Almost without realizing it, we were going into that village and we were surrounded by people and children who welcomed us with flower necklaces and popular songs. A whole ceremony had begun without I realize it , as if I had stood in time to study the beauty of that place. With everything happening around me at an extraordinary speed, through speeches, what kept me in the memory was the joy of those people showing their new and first school, their culture, and the hope they had in a smiling future for the younger.

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A joyful and lively community, with a captivating simplicity that made me forget for a while that it existed more beyond that community.

They may not have electricity or piped water, they may have to shower in the river, they may not have access to the new technologies, but, through all this, they have created a unique community, full of identity and people that even without many resources wants to make the young learn all that can be useful for the future, always trying to show what is new and what they can expect from the world, when they venture to discover it.

A community that knows how to receive, even those who arrive without warning, worrying and doing everything to make them feel good and secure. And that’s how I felt… there was nothing of what I was supposed to be accustomed to in my life, but I had everything I needed at that moment. It was unimportant in superficial things, the important thing was the community life, in the way they bring the food and how they integrate children into important activities, teaching them values as responsibility.

It was so good to be there, with those people, and, above all, to learn from them. In this community the oldest ones make this phrase to make sense to me: “I think grow up doesn’t mean being a serious person, not even boring; grow up is the capacity of play, flirt, make jokes, make smiles like children’s, but always recognizing our responsibilities, accept that we are not kids anymore, but without forgetting that we were”. Because even without having anything, they never give up and always strive to improve… and that is exactly why they have everything.



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My homeland is Madeira island, but i'm from the World. I want to see it with my own eyes, form my opinions and make my stories. That's why i want to know as much as i can about all cultures and differences, landscapes and horizons. Stay in one place and watch life going on is not an option.

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