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Meet Pablo Armas Correa

Meet Pablo Armas Correa

I have never met Pablo. Yes, I have heard of him because we are volunteering in the same project but in different countries. I have, however, come to love his island, an island floating off the coast of Africa, rich with culture, traditions and history. Knowing this, I am not surprised when I interviewed him for this  article through Facebook chat, I find a man of many passions and goals, so diverse and interestingly beautiful, you wouldn’t believe it when you see his picture (because that is the only way I could recognize this dynamic young man, through photos). As part of the project, all volunteers are interconnected through a series of updates and events linked to the project. And like every volunteer, including myself, his journey as a volunteer in Chile is nonetheless amazing. And I believe it to be true because of his dynamic personality. Everyone that decides to uproot and volunteer abroad is courageous. And Pablo is more than what meets the eye.

Me: So I hear you are from the Canary Islands! Tell me a little bit about yourself (which island in the Canaries you’re from, interests, some goals in life)?

Pablo: Hello and thank you Junita for this interview. It is true, I am from the Canary Islands, specifically from Tenerife, one of the seven islands in the archipelago. There is my home since I was born, my place of growing, where lives my family and many of my friends. Tenerife, brings me a lot of opportunities in different levels: learning, studies, hobbies, friends, sports, outdoor activities, natural parks and incredible heritage…

I have some interest, to much sometimes: painting, playing music (guitar specially), drawing, fishing, mycology, reading, writing, travel, hiking, trekking, eating (sorry, I really appreciate it), snorkeling, engineering, environmental, culture, humor…

Some of my goals in life are: create multidisciplinary projects to join different fields, like engineering, environmental and culture, which improve the wellness of people. I want to make Canary Island a global social innovation focus.

Me: Please describe a very fond memory of growing up in your hometown?

Pablo: Wow, I have many good memories in my hometown, but now I remember the “days of vintage” with my family. We went to my grandparent’s orchard and we collected the bunch of grapes in group. This day we walked in nature, we worked the ground, we enjoyed tasty and enormous meals in family, we laughed and we spend a good time.

Me: How would you define volunteering?

Pablo: It is a difficult question, but for me, the volunteering makes a better world, makes better people.

Me: If you are to give a motivational talk to young people, what will you say?

Pablo: Know your land, know your people. Travel, see the world. Do it this thing that makes you happy, and measure success in the quantity of people you make happy.

Me: Lastly, describe yourself with one word.

Pablo: Dreamer :)

If you are not inspired by this visionary young man, then I don’t know what will inspire you to aspire to be someone more than you are today. I am certainly inspired by this interview and it has helped me to think beyond, to look at life as more than just a sea of possibilities and opportunities, to transcend all flaws, to be connected to home but at the same time, spread my wings and fly.

Thank you Pablo for the interview and I wish you all the success in fulfilling your goals. Keep dreaming!



About Junita

I am an islander with a passion for gender equality, youth and community development. I am a spontaneous adventurer! I would love to travel around the world one day, to learn about different cultures and way of life as opposed to mine, to broaden my perspective and how I percieve the world around me. I believe perseverance makes all things possible. Life is a boat ride. Sleep easy. Dream big. Think big. Start doing. Soldier on. At the end of the day, give me a book, I am lost in its universe.

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